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To safely operate a motorcycle, you need to be equipped with special skills and knowledge. To obtain a motorcycle license in Alaska, you are required to pass a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test. Questions on the knowledge test are based on contents in the Alaska Motorcycle Operator Manual. 


1. How Many Questions Are On The Alaska DMV Motorcycle Knowledge Test? 

The Alaska DMV motorcycle knowledge test includes 25 questions which all cover the information found in the State of Alaska Motorcycle Operator Manual.

To ace the test successfully, you are advised to thoroughly read and study the Alaska Motorcycle Operator Manual. After reading the manual, you can take free Alaska DMV motorcycle practice tests on our website. Each of our Alaska DMV motorcycle practice tests provides correct answers with detailed explanations. Let our free Alaska DMV motorcycle practice test help you attain your DMV target score!


2. How Many Mistakes Are Allowed On The Alaska DMV Motorcycle Knowledge Test? 

You are allowed to miss 5 questions on the Alaska DMV motorcycle knowledge test. It means that you must provide correct answers to 20 out of 25 questions. 


3. How Do I Get My Alaska DMV Motorcycle License?

To apply for an original driver's license or motorcycle license, you must go to your local DMV office. You will have to submit form D1 which can be filled out and printed in advance. Those who are under 18 years old must submit a parental consent form (form 433M). 

It is noted that the state of Alaska requires candidates to take a DMV road test or an approved motorcycle class if they wish to gain a motorcycle license. This means that the DMV can not supplement a motorcycle class for the military stationed out of state.

Additionally, several additional services have been developed to help residents in rural areas in Alaska with licensing issues. 


4. What Do I Bring To the Alaska DMV Motorcycle Test?

You are required to bring 4 or 5 documents that show your name and birth date, your current residence, and your social security number. When applying, remember to bring one of each kind to the DMV. 


5. What Tests Do I Take?

An applicant for an M1, M2, or M3 license may have the road testing requirement waived by finishing a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course and providing the completion certificate to DMV. The certificate is valid to waive the test for the current or previous calendar year.


6. Where Can I Take An Alaska DMV Motorcycle Road Test?

You can take your Alaska DMV motorcycle road test at the following places: 

  • Alaska DMV Business partner offering motorcycle testing
  • Alaska DMV office
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation (Check for the location nearest you
  • ABATE of Alaska
  • Cherokee Riders
  • Valley ABATE
  • Kenai Peninsula Harley - Davidson
  • Denali Harley - Davidson
  • Juneau ABATE, Inc
  • California Motorcycle Safety Program
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