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In order to drive a motorcycle in Arizona, you are required to take a knowledge and road test. Our knowledge test questions are based on the Arizona Motorcycle Operator Manual, which contains the road rules and safe driving practices. Check on our FREE Arizona DMV Motorcycle Practice Test now!

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To get a motorcycle license in Arizona, you must pass a knowledge test and an on-cycle skills test. The knowledge test asks questions that are based on the information in the Arizona DMV Motorcycle Operator Manual. In addition, they cover road rules and safe riding practices. 


1. How Many Questions Are On The Arizona DMV Motorcycle Knowledge Test? 

There are 30 questions on the Arizona DMV motorcycle knowledge test. All questions on the test are taken from the Arizona Motorcycle Operator Manual. 

To pass the test easily, you should read the Arizona Motorcycle Operator Manual thoroughly. After doing this, you can take our free Arizona DMV motorcycle practice tests to memorize knowledge for a longer time. Our Arizona DMV motorcycle practice tests are divided into ascending levels, which are appropriate to each stage of your learning process. Each of our Arizona DMV practice tests has specific explanations which help you know which knowledge you should focus on. 


2. How Many Mistakes Are Allowed On The Arizona DMV Motorcycle Knowledge Test? 

You are permitted to miss up to 5 questions on the Arizona DMV motorcycle knowledge test. This means that you must answer 25 questions correctly out of 30 questions. 


3. How Do I Get My Arizona DMV Motorcycle License?

Prior to attaining your Arizona motorcycle license, you may have to obtain your driving license first. If you are over 18 years old, you are not required to gain a permit before gaining a motorcycle license. No matter how old you are, you will need to get your regular driver’s license before you can officially achieve your motorcycle license in Arizona. 


4. How Old Do I Have To Be To Get A Motorcycle License In Arizona?

Age is one of the biggest motorcycle license requirements in the state of Arizona. Those who are under 16 years old are not eligible for a license. Nonetheless, until you are 15 years and 6 months old, you can get an instruction permit. 


5. How Much Is It To Get A Motorcycle License In Arizona?

Generally, the motorcycle endorsement costs $7. Because you need a driver’s license, you must pay more than this amount. 

A standard driver’s license (which is also known as a class D license) costs $25 if you are between 16 and 19 years old. Those who are between 40 and 44 only need to pay $20. If you are 45 to 49, you will need to pay $15. Those who are above 50 will only need to pay $10

It will charge you $7 to gain an instruction permit if you need one.

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