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Getting the CDL is easy when practicing with CDL Test Pro.
The CDL Practice test contains 1000+ questions for class A,B and C. We covers all subjects that will will be tested on your exam, which are General Knowledge, Air Brakes, HazMat, Passengers Vehicle, School Bus, Double and Triples Vehicles, Pre-trips, Combination Vehicles and Tanker Vehicles. All the questions are in the multiple-choice format. You can choose the appropriate subjects that you will take to practice and score high on the actual test. Start practice today!

CDL Permit Practice Test


1. What is a Commercial Driver’s License?

A commercial driver's license (CDL) is a driver's license that allows you to operate a certain type of commercial motor vehicle (CMVs). Federal regulations provide three kinds of CDLs, each for a specific type of vehicle:

  • CDL Class A: which is known as a combination vehicles class, allows drivers to drive a truck with a GCWR of at least 26,000 pounds. An example of a Class A vehicle is a tractor-trailer.
  • CDL Class B: Also called heavy straight vehicles, which can towing another vehicle with GVWR maximum of 10,000 pounds, such as coach buses or transit buses. 
  • CDL Class C: This is the smallest vehicle used to carry sixteen passengers or transport hazardous materials. 

Some states in the United States additionally need CDLs for other reasons or types of vehicles. CDLs, like other forms of driver's licenses, are often granted by the DMV of a state government. In other ways, a CDL is similar to a regular driver's license. It is a legitimate type of identification. A CDL holder can lawfully drive a passenger automobile or receive a motorcycle endorsement on their license.

2. How is CDL Test structured?

The CDL Knowledge exam covers a wide range of the trucking industry includes aggressive drivers, braking techniques, cargo safety, distracted drivers as well as air brakes and hazardous materials. In order to pass the CDL Knowledge test you must got the minimum score of 80% for each part. 

In the behind the wheel test (on the road test), you will be examined the knowledge of pre-trip as well as how you react with other truck driving situation. This section will last in 30 to 60 minutes.  

3. How can I master the CDL Test? 

In general, CDL Test is not too tough to conquer if you follow these 2 suggestion below:

Follow the CDL handbook 

You can get the handbook be visit your DMV office’s state and get a copy. If not, visit your state on our website, we do have the latest version of your state manual book. 

Do the online CDL practice test

Taking practice exams that mimic your state's genuine knowledge examination will boost your confidence and prepare you for the real deal. Our CDL exam questions are based on the official manual for your state, so you'll know what to anticipate. These exams are accepted for both commercial driver licenses and CDL permits (CLP). Do the CDL practice test today to obtain the commercial driver’s license as soon as possible.

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4. Frequently asked questions about the CDL Test

What is a Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP)? 

A commercial learner’s permit (CLP) is a permit given by your state that authorizes you to practice driving a commercial motor vehicle. Obtaining a CLP is the first step towards earning a commercial driver’s license.

What kind of questions are on the CDL Exam? 

The CDL Exam is performed in the multiple-choice from. Your task is to point out the correct answer between the given options.

How long does it take to get a CDL license?

The length of time to get a CDL license depends on a variety of factors, including self motivation. Some candidates have obtain a CDL as quickly as 2 weeks. On average, it takes 3-7 weeks.

How to obtain a CDL CLass A? 

  • Pass the CDL General Knowledge Test
  • Pass the CDL Driving Test
  • Pass the Endorsement Tests and Pre-Trip Inspection, Airbrakes, Combination Vehicle
  • Pass any other endorsements that may be required (for example, Hazardous Materials)
  • Pass your Medical Exam and possess the physical standards provided by the Federal Government.

In order get the CDL Class A successfully, don’t forget to take some CDL practice test.

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