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Our DE DMV practice tests, which are virtually comparable to the actual exam, may make your non-commercial driver's license application a lot easier. All of the practice questions will be organized into the main sections: traffic laws, road regulations & signals, and safe driving.

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Those who want to operate a motor vehicle on public roadways in Delaware are required to get a driver's license or learner’s permit. The Delaware DMV test comprises four parts: vision screening, highway sign, and signal test, rules of the road test, and road test. 


1. How Much Does The Delaware Permit Test Cost?

It will cost you $40 to take the Delaware permit test. This price consists of the application fee and three permit test attempts within a calendar year. 


2. What Is The Age Requirement To Gain A Delaware Driver's License?

In Delaware, a driver must be at least 17 years old to be given their full Class D Operator’s License. Meanwhile, 16 years old is the minimum age requirement for a driver to receive a Learner’s Permit, then hold that Learner’s Permit for at least 12 months before obtaining their full license. 


3. How Many Questions Are On The Delaware Permit Test?

The Delaware permit test includes 30 questions that are all based on the DE driver’s license manual 2022. In order to pass the test, you must answer 24 questions correctly. This is a score of 80%. The Delaware permit test questions contain topics like rules of the road, signage, and defensive driving practices.


4. How Many Mistakes Are Allowed On The Delaware Permit Test?

You are allowed to miss 6 questions on your Delaware permit test. 


5. How Much Time Am I Allowed To Take My Delaware Permit Test At The DE DMV?

You will be given as much time as needed to accomplish all 30 questions. The written test must be carried out in person as well as under the supervision of Delaware DMV staff. Candidates usually need 15-30 minutes to complete the test. 


6. Can I Take The Permit Test Online In Delaware?

No. You can’t take your Delaware permit test online. Nevertheless, you can schedule your appointment online. You are recommended to visit for more information.


7. What Happens If I Fail My Delaware Permit Test?

Those who fail the Delaware written permit test are required to take their exam again. You will have to wait 10 days to retake the test. Along with that, you also need to reschedule your test by accessing this link: Keep in mind that in spite of being able to reschedule right away after a failed test attempt, you must rearrange your test at least 10 days in the future before making another attempt. 


8. How To Prepare For The Delaware Permit Test?

To gain a high score on the Delaware permit test, the first thing you need to do is read the Delaware Driver Manual. All knowledge you need to grasp to pass the test is included in this manual. You can find important laws and essential driving instructions in this manual. Apart from checking out the manual, taking the Delaware DMV practice test is also an effective way to enhance your DMV scores. Our free Delaware DMV practice tests are designed to help you get familiar with the actual test format. Start your journey of conquering the DMV license by doing our Delaware DMV practice permit tests right now!

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