Do you know the fact that Arizona is one of the states that have the longest driver’s license validity time? In fact, your driver’s license is only expired when you turn 65 years old. However, does that mean you don’t need to visit your DMV Arizona office? Keep reading this Arizona Driver’s License Renewal Guide to know the answer! 


dmv arizona drivers license renewal
How to renew your Arizona driver’s license?


1. When do you need to renew your Arizona driver’s license? 

As mentioned before, you don’t need to renew your license until you are 65 years old. However, you are required to visit the Arizona DMV office to take a new license photo every 12 years. Imagine you get the license when you are 20, how can polices realize you when you are 60? 

Besides, your license will remain even if you don’t update your license photo, however, you will be restricted from certain driver’s license services.

In case you lost your license, read the DMV License Lost: What Can You Do to Replace it? to know what you should do next.


2. How to make the Arizona driver’s license renewal? 

In order to avoid unexpected situations, we suggest you follow all the DMV guides. Generally, there are 3 methods that you can choose to make your Arizona driver’s license renewal, which are Online application, Mail acceptance, and  In-person. Below are detailed information about each method that you should check:


2.1. In-person

Firstly, you should check your driving record for suspensions, overdue fees, and other concerns by logging onto the MVD website. Having tickets on your driving record might cause your renewal to be delayed. You may also fill out and print the renewal form ahead of time.


Secondly, you must provide identification documentation. Your current driver’s license serves as your main identification. Secondary identification might include your Social Security card or a valid US passport. Produce residence documentation as well if you intend to improve your Travel ID.


Next, visit your local DMV office or an approved third-party driver servicing facility. Always double-check their business hours. You may also need to schedule an appointment.


The following step is to take the DMV Vision as well as road tests. For the vision test, you need to get the report from a qualified optometrist. Normally, you only need to take the road test if test if the examiners feel you’re an unsafe driver. Avoid making the listed mistakes: 

  • Suspensions and at-fault traffic violations on your driving record
  • Physical or mental health issues that might make driving difficult or dangerous
  • If you have been accused of being a dangerous driver


Lastly, your Arizona driver’s license renewal will get be completed by taking the photo and pay the fee. You will be handed a temporary paper license that will be expired in 30 days. Your task now is waiting for the new license in the mail. 


arizona dmv drivers license renewal
After completing all the steps, you will receive your driver’s license


2.2. Online application

All AZ drivers can now renew their licenses online from 2021. A good decision of AZ DMV office in order to save your time and effort. Follow the basic steps below to make your DMV online renewal: 


  • By default, every Arizona driver’s license comes with an account. To activate it or sign in, go to the AZ DMV  website.


  • Under the ‘My Credential’ area of your account, click the “Renew Now” button.


  • Follow the procedures to renew your license. To pay the needed charge, you must use a valid credit card. Renewing a driver’s license and a Travel ID should cost roughly $10.


2.3. Mail acceptance 

When your license is about to be expired, you will receive an invitation from the DMV to renew it. All you need to do is to follow the instruction written in the mail. You also can request a renewal if you are: 

  • A military personnel or currently not in your hometown
  • You will be leaving the country for at least 30 days before your license expires 


Please supply copies of the front and back of your service ID, as well as your most recent military pay stubs, or leave the documents at the location below.


Division of Motor Vehicles

51st Avenue, 4005

MD 510

85301, Phoenix, Arizona


After ADOT confirms your military status, you will not need to replace your photo every 12 years. If you will be out of the country when your license expires, fill out an Out-of-State Driver’s License Extension Application and have it notarized. Then, by check or money order, pay the $5 application fee. Then, mail the application and money to the specified address.


renewal drivers license arizona
Your AZ driver’s license is valid until you are 65 years old


3. What is the grace period for an expired license? 

In Arizona, there is no grace period for expired licenses! The penalties and punishments for driving with an expired license vary depending on the scenario. You might face a $120 traffic penalty or a Class 2 misdemeanor prosecution. This is punishable by up to four months in prison, a $750 fine (with surcharges), and two years on probation.


4. What are the FAQs about Arizona driver’s license renewal? 


4.1. What happens if my Arizona driver’s license expires?

Keep in mind that the state does not provide a grace period for renewing your driver’s license. The penalty for driving with an expired license varies according to the circumstances. You might be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor or receive a $120 traffic citation. The maximum penalty is four months in prison, a $750 fine (with extra costs), and two years of probation.


4.2. How early can you renew your driver’s license in Arizona? 

You can renew your license up to six months before it expires. Following that, you may renew your driver’s license at a nearby MVD office or an authorized third-party driver’s license supplier.


4.3. How much does it cost to reinstate your driver’s license in Arizona? 

To restore an Arizona driver’s license, a motorist must spend $20. They must take the paperwork and notification to any MVD or approved third-party office, fill out an application, and pay a $20 reinstatement fee plus an application fee. Keep in mind that they do not take personal checks.


4.4. Can you make an appointment to renew your driver’s license in Arizona?  

Yes. All MVD services, such as Travel ID, road tests, and driver’s license renewal, are available by appointment. To schedule an appointment, go to the MVD website.


4.5. How much does it cost to renew an Arizona driver’s license? 

The cost of renewing your Arizona driver’s license depends on your age. However, the renewal procedure will cost you between $10 and $25.


Now you know how to make your DMV Arizona driver’s license renewal. We hope you will find this article helpful for your DMV renewal process. In addition, if you want to receive a driver’s license, start with Arizona DMV Practice Test now to score high!