It is bad news if you lost your DMV driver’s license and need to take it back by replacing it. In addition, losing your DMV license is risky because your personal information can be stolen and someone can fake your ID to do the guilty under your identification. Hence, in this article, we are going to introduce the DMV replacement process, as well as some tips to deal with DMV license lost. Let’s roll to the main part!


dmv driver license lost
What to do if your DMV driver’s license lost?


1. How to report a DMV license lost?

First of all, you must report your DMV license lost to your local police, because your DMV license contains a lot of personal information such as your name, date of birth or weight, and height. Thus, you should report your DMV license lost to the police to avoid someone using your driver’s license without a good purpose. 


2. How to replace a DMV license lost?

After reporting the driver’s license lost to the police, you are moving to the main part of this process, which is replacing your license. Normally, there are 2 ways of replacing a lost license, including Online and In-person. 


2.1. Online method

The very first step you should do is to access your DMV state’s website and see what you should do next. In general, most states will require you to fill out a DMV driver’s license replacement online form when you report your DMV license lost case. You will need to complete a multi-step of personal information provided to verify that it’s you or not. If the personal information you submitted doesn’t match your DMV license, you will be not allowed to replace your driver’s license.   

Next, you will need to submit the needed documents as well as the fee for DMV replacement. The cost for a DMV driver’s license ranges between $15 and $30, depending on which state are you living in. If your license is about to expire, you also need to pay for the renewal license as well. There will be a confirmation page after you submit all the information as well as the DMV replacement license fee.

 Moreover, in order to operate your vehicle, we suggest you print the temporary license out while waiting for the certified new DMV driver’s license. Normally, you must wait from 2 to 4 weeks to receive a new DMV driver’s license through your mail. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can come to the DMV office to take it. 


2.2. In-person method

If you want to take the in-person method, you should call or make an online appointment first. Because there will be a lot of people in the DMV office, you should call as soon as possible to make sure you have a slot to replace your DMV license. If you go there without an arrangement before, you will have to wait a long time or even can’t make the DMV license replacement progress due to the run-out of slots.

In addition, you should download and print out the DMV license replacement form first and then fill out the needed information to save your time. You can download it from your DMV office website. Typically, you also can find the needed documents listed on your DMV website also, thus, you should spend time preparing and bringing them on the scheduled day. 

When it comes to the appointment part, you should bring all the required documents as well as prepare for the replacement fee. Commonly, the DMV replacement fee ranges from $15 to $30, depending on your state. Moreover, you will also need to pay the license renewal fee also. 

Lastly, when all the paperwork and fee have been accepted, you will wait from 2 to 4 weeks to receive your new DMV driver’s license. 


dmv license lost
Steps to deal with DMV license lost


3. What are the situations of DMV license lost that can not be replaced?

You should notice that there are some DMV license lost cases in which you are not able to duplicate a new one. Thus, you should check for the license loss condition first to decide whether you can replace your license or not. We listed here the circumstances of can not to replace the license.


3.1. Expired DMV license

Each state has a different duration for DMV driver’s licenses, commonly, it will last from 5 to 8 years. When it is about to expire, you should renew your license to keep operating your motor vehicle. You also can renew your DMV license in person or using the online method by following our DMV Renewal License Guideline.


3.2. Invalid DMV license

If your DMV license is suspended or banned for any reason, you are not qualified to replace it. Instead of replacing it, you need to have it reinstated.  


3.3. DMV license lost when moving to a new state

If you lost your driver’s license when you are moving to a new state, you are required to go back to your previous state and get your license replacement done before applying for a new one in the new state. Due to the policy of the DMV, this is necessary to avoid the stolen or fake DMV licenses. 


3.4. Name changing recently

When you decide to change your name and your current name is not the same as the one you provided before, your DMV replacement license process can’t be made. In this situation, you should contact the DMV office to ask about it and find the best way to get it done. 


4. What are the FAQs about the DMV license lost?


4.1. What to do if I lost my DMV license in California?

If your driver’s license is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you must visit your DMV office, complete the DL 44/EDL 44 form (the eDL44 can be done online in advance), and pay a replacement charge. You must also provide a picture ID. If DMV cannot verify your identification, you will not receive a temporary driver’s license.


4.2. Is losing my driving license a criminal offense?

No, a driving ban is not a criminal conviction in and of itself, although you may be restricted from driving after obtaining a traffic conviction.


license lost
A driving ban is not a criminal conviction


4.3. Can I drive while waiting for my license replaced? 

Yes, you can. You can ask your local DMV office to provide a temporary license in order to operate your vehicle while waiting for a new one. 


4.4. What should I do if I lost my license while traveling?

The first step you should do is to report to the police. After that, you should tr to replace your license online because you are traveling, and can’t get back to your local DMV office to do it in person.  


4.5. Is losing your driver’s license risky?

Losing your driver’s license may be risky since thieves might use it to take your identity and commit other crimes under your guise. It’s usually a good idea to submit your license to the police to provide a paper trail. This may be handy for someone who takes your license and then uses it illegally. 


In summary, a DMV license lost is an unexpected situation and you should quickly replace it with a new one. With all the guide-lined information, we hope that you will find a solution for your DMV license lost. In addition, if you are still on the way to take the DMV license, you can practice here on our website, DMV Practice Test is created to assist you to pass the test and get a high score.