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In Georgia, anyone who wants to operate a motorcycle or motor vehicle on public roads must possess a driver's license. The Georgia DMV written test covers information in the Georgia DDS Driver's Manual. The GA DDS written test comprises a total of 40 questions. 20 questions that belong to the road sign topic, including standard signs, signals, and markers. The remaining 20 questions come into the road rule topic, consisting of traffic laws and driving practices. 


1. What Is Georgia Learner’s Permit Requirement?

Before qualifying for taking your Georgia Learner’s permit test, you must meet several requirements that are set forth on a state-specific level. A Georgia learner's permit is also called an instructional permit. It is part of the Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act  (TADRA).  

Getting the Georgia Learner’s Permit is among the very first things you need to do to obtain a graduated driver’s license. TADRA will cooperate with Joshua’s Law when it comes to Drivers' Education and policy. Under Joshua's law, all teen drivers wishing to gain their driver’s license must undergo training. The TADRA will make sure that you drive safely and responsibly when being trained as a teenage driver. 


2. How Old Do I Have To Be To Get A Learner's Permit In Georgia?

15 years old is the minimum age requirement to apply for an instructional Georgia learner’s permit. If you are under 18 years old, your good attendance and behavior at school will decide your instructional permit.  A Georgia instructional permit may be revoked for those who are under 18 years old. If you stop attending school altogether, have 10 unexcused absences, or have general poor behavior and juvenile conduct, your learner’s permit may be taken from you. 


3. How Much Does A Georgia Learner’s Permit Cost? 

The cost of the Georgia Learner’s Permit will be paid to the Georgia DDS at the time of your written permit test. You are required to pay $10 at the time of your exam via credit or cash, check, debit card, or money order. 


4. How Many Questions Are On The GA Learner’s Permit Test?

The GA Learner’s Permit test consists of two exams namely the road rules test and the road signs test. To pass each exam, you must provide the right answers to 15 out of 20 questions. This is an accuracy rate of 75%. Topics such as signaling, drunk driving, road hazards, being a responsible driver, and much more are covered on the road rules test. In general, this section covers most GA traffic laws. Meanwhile, all Georgia traffic signage is covered on the GA Learner’s Permit test. The traffic signage ranges from highway signs and traffic signals to road markers. 


5. What Happens if I Fail My Georgia Permit Test?

If you fail your Georgia permit test, you will be given chances to take the test again. If you don’t pass either of your written tests on your first try, you must wait 24 hours to retake it. If you don’t pass the second time or any added attempts after that, you must wait 7 days to take the exam again. Each time you retake the GA permit test, you will need to pay a-$10 fee. 

Having thorough preparation is of great importance to being successful on your test day. You are recommended to take our Georgia DMV practice tests as part of your preparation for the test. Our Georgia DMV practice tests are completely free. You are not required to pay any fees when practicing on our web. 


6. What Paperwork Do I Need to Get My Georgia Learner’s Permit

If you are still wondering what paperwork you need to prepare to get your Georgia learner’s permit. Don’t worry. We are here to help you. You only need to submit the following items in person at the Driver Services in Georgia:

  • Completed Application form signed by your parent, guardian, or authorized driving instructor.
  • Proof of Residency - 2 Documents (Bank Statement, School Report Card, Certificate of Attendance)
  • A Completed Certificate of Attendance (Form DS-1).  For applicable applicants, proof of completion of education through a high school diploma or GED is required if no longer enrolled.
  • Proof of Social Security Number (bring your social security card) and a completed W2 Form
  • Proof of Identity (US Passport or Birth Certificate works best)


7. Georgia (GA) DMV Practice Test 2022 by Estudyme 

You are on the road to conquer your DMV license and still looking for a website helping you practice anytime and anywhere. We are here to help you. Our website is designed to provide you with not only free Georgia DMV practice tests but also everything you need to know to pass the test easily. More than 200 Georgia DMV practice questions which are carefully compiled and divided into ascending levels will certainly help you enter the testing room with confidence. Practice our free Georgia DMV practice test right now!

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