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Multiple IN DMV practice tests will be an advantage for you to get a driver's license with basic to extensive knowledge in sections of traffic laws, road signs and rules, and safe driving. Explore our FREE Indiana DMV practice test now to master the DMV written test.

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An Indiana driver’s license is a state-issued card that allows you lawfully operate a motor vehicle legally. The card will display your full name, date of birth, mailing address, signature, photo, and physical description. Keep in mind that you must have a card whenever you drive a motor vehicle. 

To obtain an IN driver’s license, you are required to excel at knowledge and driving examinations which are administered by the state’s official Indiana BMV only and are related to the rules of the road and driving skills.  Our Free Indiana DMV Practice Test 2022 is accessible online which provides you with a variety of practice tests simulated like the real ones and compiled based on the 2022 Indiana Driver’s Manual. Let’s take as much practice as possible to obtain more essential knowledge and familiarize yourself with the test format. 


1. What does the test include on the IN DMV test?

The Indiana DMV test consists of 2 parts of which are known as the Knowledge Test and the Road Test: 

  • Knowledge test, aka Written Test: It consists of 50 questions that include 34 multiple-choice questions testing your knowledge of Indiana traffic laws and safe driving techniques and the identification of 16 traffic signs.  This test covers Indiana traffic signs by shape, color, or symbols, road signals, traffic laws, safety rules, pavement markings, crash prevention and vehicle equipment, which are based on information in the Indiana Driver’s Handbook. The overall pass requirement is 80%; however, you must properly answer at least 26 road rule questions and at least 14 road sign questions. Let’s take our Indiana BMV Practice Test 2022 to grasp all of the questions you might encounter on the actual test beforehand. 
  • Road Test: The test will evaluate your knowledge of a motor vehicle’s basic equipment and measure your ability to operate a vehicle safely while obeying traffic laws and to perform several driving tasks and maneuvers. Keep in mind that you bring your own vehicle in good working order with front and rear license plates, registration sticker, and proof of liability insurance. 


2. Can you get a driving license at 18 without a learner permit in Indiana?

If you are at least 18 years old and get physically challenged and have successfully completed driver  rehabilitation training conducted by a certified driver rehabilitation specialist recognized by the BMV, you may apply for a IN driver’s license without a learner’s permit or accomplished Log of Supervised Driving 


3. What happens if you fail your Indiana DMV test?

You are allowed to retake your permit test on the next day up to 3 times. If you fail the driving skills tests after 3 attempts while having a learner's permit, you must take a mandatory 2-month waiting period before taking another. In case your learner's permit expires, you must renew it to be eligible for additional driving skills exams. Remember that when you obtain your permit, you must keep it for 180 days whereas, you complete 50 hours of supervised driving. 


4. How much does an Indiana driver's license cost?

You are required to pay a testing fee of about  $17.50  to get a standard operator’s license and plus $9 to earn a nonvoter identification. 


5. How long is the Indiana road test?

The full Indiana road test will fluctuate between 15 and 20 minutes depending on how well you perform. Because of no time limit, your examiner may advise you to move a little faster if there are a lot of applicants waiting for their turn and you're going through the course slowly.


6. Can you take the test in any other language but English?

Yes, it is available in 13 different foreign languages including Arabic, French, Korean, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Burmese, German, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Chin, Japanese, Polish, and Spanish. 


7. Can you use the manual when taking the actual test?

You are required not to use the driver’s manual at the BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles)

when sitting for the test because it is regarded as a kind of cheating. Besides, phones and other wireless devices are also prohibited. 


8. Is the Indiana written knowledge test hard? 

Although the Indiana BMV Test isn’t hard to ace, many test-takers might face psychological problems such as exam anxiety or some haven’t paid enough preparation leading to missing and failing the test. Thus, our Indiana DMV Practice Tests are published with the purpose of providing as much free practice experience as possible to build your knowledge, readiness,  and confidence so as to get 100% ready before sitting for the actual exam. Let’s get started right now!


9. What benefit can you take from the Indiana DMV Practice test?

According to a study, 30% of people fail their DMV written test on their first try? Thus, we suggest you take our Indiana DMV Practice Test. With huge questions raised in our easy-to-use website and app, we assure you that you will successfully pass the DMV test with a flying score. 

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