Obtain your license with DMV Motorcycle Practice Test

Nothing better than riding your own motorcycle on the beautiful roads.
The DMV Motorcycle Practice test includes 500+ practice questions for all states of the U.S. DMV Motorcycle Practice Test covers all aspects of the DMV motorcycle handbook, which are road rules, road signs as well as other regulations. More over, by assimilating as much as possible the actual test, you only can move to the next question after completing the current one in DMV Motorcycle Practice Test. If you got a wrong answer, the instant detailed explanation will appear to help you understand clearly. Practice makes perfect!

DMV Motorcycle Practice Test


1. How hard it is to get a DMV Motorcycle License? 

DMV Motorcycle License is required for all US citizens if you want to operate your own vehicle on the road. The content of the test will be relied on by the Department of Motor Vehicles of each state. By this reason, it will be different among states about the level of knowledge as well as how it will be scored. 

In general, all states in the US share the same structure of the DMV Motorcycle test, which is divided into 2 smaller parts: A written test (other names: Knowledge test, written knowledge test)  and a Road test (also known as Behind-the-wheel test or skill test). 

According to the DMV statistic, the passing rate of DMV Motorcycle License is approximately 70%. Hence, the DMV Motorcycle is not an extremely difficult task for candidates. 

2. What is the passing score for a DMV motorcycle test?

As mentioned before, the DMV Motorcycle test is organized by the state's DMV, therefore, the passing score of each state is not the same. For instance, DMV Alaska requires candidates to get at least 80% correct answers to obtain a DMV Motorcycle license. On the other hand, you must answer correctly 84% in total in Indiana state. 

In brief, the number of questions in the DMV motorcycle written test is between 15 - 60 questions, depending on states, and the passing score is range from 75% to 85%

3. How to study for the DMV Motorcycle Test? 

In order to study for the DMV Motorcycle test, you have numerous choices of learning methods. The list below is the most effective choices to gain much knowledge in a short time: 

Read the manual book 

The DMV has published the Motorcyclist Handbook, which includes instructions on test content, as well as provided the sample questions for the test. Hence, we suggest you read through the manual book first to get the essential knowledge and terms for the test. 

Take practice tests

If you are not a bookworm or have a reading interest, you can take the DMV Motorcycle practice tests. These days, you can look for several websites that allow you to do free online DMV Motorcycle practice tests on the Internet. 

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4. Free online DMV Motorcycle Practice Test by Driving Test Pro

If you are looking for a website that allows you to access 1000+ free DMV Motorcycle practice questions, you are in the right place. In Driving Test Pro, all the practice test for each state is provided and selected carefully by experts in the driving field. Importantly, the questions you practice today might appear on the actual test. 

Besides, we also develop effective features that assist learners in learning progress. Especially, the exam simulation tool, which allows you to customize your own test, is a helpful method to advance your levels. 

In order to experience other features, browsing on our DMV Motorcycle Practice Test today!

5. Frequently asked questions about the DMV Motorcycle Test

How many times can you take the DMV Motorcycle Test?

You have 3 times to take the test. If you fail, you must wait at least 1 month to reapply for the DMV Motorcycle license. Thus, practice hard to perform well!

Can I ride my motorcycle alone with a Motorcycle permit?

the only passenger who can ride with you on the motorcycle is your supervising driver. If you operate a moped with any valid class of learner permit, the same passenger rules apply

How much does it cost to get a Motorcycle License?

It varies in states. On average, it is about 30 dollars to 100 dollars.

Is DMV Written Test multiple choice?

Yes. All the questions of DMV written test are in the multiple choices form.

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