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You must have a New Hampshire non-commercial driver's license in order to drive on New Hampshire roads. The DMV written knowledge exam is required as part of the license application procedure, and we supply you with multiple FREE New Hampshire practice tests on various parts to assist you to pass the exam. Do it now!

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1. Who can obtain a DMV New Hampshire Driver's License?

In New Hampshire, a driver must be at least 21 years old to progress from a Youth Operator License to a Full Driver's License. Although New Hampshire does not issue instruction permits, drivers must be at least 15.5 years old to begin driving practice when accompanied by a responsible and licensed adult. To receive a Youth Operator License, drivers must be at least 16 years old. Drivers should be aware of any restrictions imposed on their type of license, such as the maximum number of passengers permitted in their car at any given time and whether or not they are permitted to drive at night.


2. How many questions are on the DMV New Hampshire written test?

During the application procedure, new drivers are given a written test at the DMV. Applicants must properly answer 32 of the 40 questions (80%) to pass this written test. You are allowed to complete the written test within 40 minutes.


3. How can I pass the DMV New Hampshire written test?

The NH DMV written test will cover topics on road rules, road signs and signals, traffic laws, and safe driving practices. To get a good test result, drivers should read and study the New Hampshire Driver’s Manual.

You can take our New Hampshire DMV Practice Test which is based on the instruction in the NH Driver’s Handbook to obtain the information easier than just studying the manual.


3. What should I study for the  DMV New Hampshire driving test?

The first piece of advice for you is to study the State of New Hampshire Driver Manual. This manual is full of important laws, essential driving instructions, and valuable safety tips. If you are under 18 years old, you need to take a driver's education program to be certified. Finally, you should practice supervised driving. Continue to practice supervised driving until you are entirely comfortable behind the wheel, even if it takes longer than planned, to ensure you are thoroughly prepared for the driving test.

Before receiving their license in New Hampshire, applicants must pass a parallel parking examination. Even if you don't believe you'll be parallel parking once you obtain your driver's license, it's a valuable ability to practice and acquire in case you need it.


4. What do I need to get a DMV New Hampshire driver’s license?

To get a New Hampshire driver’s license, you must prepare the following documents:

  • Completed application for driver's license
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of Social Security Number
  • Two proof of New Hampshire residency
  • The original, green driver education completion certificate
  • A parent or Guardian Authorization Certificate signed by your parent/guardian


5. How much does a DMV New Hampshire driver's license cost?

The fee to obtain a New Hampshire driver's license is about $50. In addition to the licensing charge, you should budget for probable application fees, testing fees, processing fees, or a combination of these expenditures. Please note that fees are subject to change, and the best way to remain current on current licensing costs is to contact your local DMV.


6. What should I do when my DMV New Hampshire license expires?

A New Hampshire license is valid for 5 years. You will have to renew it to continue driving your motor vehicle on the roadway. Two months before expiration, the DMV will mail you a renewal letter that contains detailed information on how you may renew your license. Renewals can often be completed in person, online, or by mail, depending on the driver's credentials.

When taking online renewals, you will receive a code that must be submitted to the DMV website's online renewal service offer. Complete the process by following the prompts and paying the renewal fees using a credit or debit card at the checkout.

In order to renew your license in person, you must go to a DMV office and fill out the renewal application. Submit your application as well as your current driver's license. A vision screening will be performed, and a fresh photograph will be taken. Renewal costs can be paid using a credit or debit card, cash, check, or money order.


7. What benefit can you take from the New Hampshire DMV Practice Test?

According to a study, 30% of people fail their DMV written test on their first try? Thus, we suggest you take our New Hampshire DMV Practice Test. With huge questions raised in our easy-to-use website and app, we assure you that you will successfully pass the DMV test with a flying score. 


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