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A South Carolina driver’s license is a state-issued card that allows you lawfully operate a motor vehicle legally. The card will display your full name, date of birth, mailing address, signature, photo, and physical description. Keep in mind that you must have a DMV license whenever you drive a motor vehicle. To obtain a South Carolina DMV driver’s license, you are required to excel at knowledge and driving examinations which are administered by the state’s office only and are related to the rules of the road and driving skills. 


1. How many questions are on South Carolina DMV written test?

To apply for a South Carolina DMV license, you must first pass the SC DMV written test. Specifically, there will be 30 questions that include the content of the SC DMV driver’s handbook. In order to pass the test, you are required to get at least 24 correct questions. You have 3 attempts in one try, if you fail, come back another day to complete it. The South Carolina DMV written test covers topics such as road rules, signs and signals, and driving safety rules. Therefore, you should read the manual and practice carefully to ensure you got all information.


2. What are the qualifications for the South Carolina DMV test?


2.1. Age

The minimum age for a driver’s license in South Carolina is 15. However,  you will be under restrictions, including: 

  • You can not drive alone from 6p.m to 6 a.m
  • You can not drive alone without a licensed adult in the car

However, the restrictions can be lifted if you earn a full license and show the government a clear record of driving.


2.2. Documents

 The essential documents that you should have when applying for a South Carolina DMV license consists of:

  • Citizenship and proof of legal status
  • Your name and date of birth must be verified
  • Identification proof
  • Your SSN must be provided
  • A valid ID
  • A complete application form


3. What check you should pay for the South Carolina DMV license test?

Currently, in order to obtain an SC DMV license, you must pay for the following check below:

  • Driver’s license fee: $12,50 
  • Learner’s Permit fee: $2,50
  • Knowledge test fee: $2,00


4. Is it possible to do the South Carolina DMV test without practicing?

To be honest, it’s such a gamble if you directly take the real test without any practice. If you feel bored when reading the Handbook, don’t worry, we are here to support you. We developed a number of practice tests that take the real test format, which can save your time in memorizing progress. In addition, we also designed a DMV application with a friendly user interface that can motivate you to get a high score.

We are available on both website and application functions. Visit App Store or CH Play now to download DMV Test Pro and start practice today!


5. Can you renew your South Carolina DMV driver’s license online?

The answer is Yes, you can. If you are tired of the long line waiting at the DMV office, try the online method. According to SC DMV, you can renew your license through the mail. You will receive an invitation and your task is to accept it. In addition, you will pay $12,50  for a new 5-year license. However, if you want to change the photograph on your license, you still need to visit the SC DMV. It really saves your time and efforts, a big change in the DMV office.

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