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1. How does the Utah DMV Motorcycle license test design?

First and foremost, you will take three different examinations to get your Utah DMV Motorcycle license, which are the Vision test, Knowledge Test, and Skill Test.

  • Written test: All the knowledge of road rules, traffic laws, road signs, and driving safety will be covered in this test. You will be required to complete a 25 multiple choice questions test, and get at least 20 correct questions to pass the test. The content of the test will be taken from the Utah DMV Motorcycle Operator Handbook. Thus, you should spend time reading and practicing carefully before taking the test.
  • Skill test: often known as a road test, is used to determine your driving skills. You must demonstrate driving abilities as well as knowledge of traffic regulations. The skill assessments will typically last 20 to 40 minutes.
  • Vision test: this is a must for motorcyclists if you want to operate your motorcycle. You must get a score of 20/40 to pass the test.


2. How to obtain the Utah DMV Motorcycle license?

To obtain the Utah DMV Motorcycle license, you must get through all the listed steps below:


2.1. Bring needed information

 Here's a list of all the documentation you'll need to bring to the UT DMV office:

  • A license application form
  • UT Driver’s License 
  • Personal Identity such as  Birth certificate, Social Security Card, Passport
  • UT Residency
  • Name changes and married certificate (If possible)


 2.2. Pass the test

You must pass all the mentioned tests above, including the Vision test, Written Test, and Skill Test.


2.3. Pay for the possible fee

You will need to cover all the payments that we listed here:

  • Motorcycle endorsement fee: $18
  • Renewal fee: $25
  • Duplicate fee: $23


3. Is it possible to take the Utah DMV Motorcycle test without any practice?

To be honest, it is a risky choice. As mentioned, the written test will cover the whole content of the UT Handbook, thus preparation is required before taking the real test. In advance, our major goal is to make your learning process go smoothly. Therefore, we designed a wonderful practice questions storage for you to get familiar with how the actual test is. In addition, you can create your own exam to manage your time and select the best plan for completing the real test.

You may either practice here or download and install our app DMV Test Pro from the CH Play and App Store. We guarantee that our simple and user-friendly interface will keep you motivated in your studies.


4. How to renew your Utah DMV Motorcycle license?

You may renew your Utah motorbike license using one of the three options listed below:

  • In-person: Normally, you would go to the DMV office and get a renewal license form, which you would then complete.
  • Email: When your license is about to expire, the DMV office will send you an email invitation to renew it; all you have to do is accept it and wait 30 days for a new license.
  • Online: If you didn't receive the invitation email, go to the UT DMV website and search for the DMV motorbike renewal section, then fill out the online form.
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