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DMV Permit Test Overview 

1. How Many Questions Are On The DMV Test?

The DMV written test comprises questions which are all in the multiple-choice form only. The test is administered by the state’s DMV branch only and can be in the paper-based one or some states have started carrying out a computerized testing program in which candidates will be given random test questions and immediate score. The number of test questions may vary by state but must be between 25 and 50 under federal regulations. This is to make sure that candidates have possessed enough driving knowledge and be aware of all common traffic rules and regulations in their states. Scores are based on a percentage and each state has a minimum passing percentage. Generally, the state average is 80% but some states are as low as 70%. 

To know exactly the number of test questions as well as what percentage is required to pass, you are advised to visit your local state DMV branch. 

2. What Is The DMV Testing Process?

The application process for obtaining a driver’s license at the DMV has been uniformed in most states. In general, you will be asked to furnish proof of citizenship, identity and residency so as to be eligible to sit for the written test. Additionally, you will be required to provide your social security card and birth certificate that show your full legal name so as to start the written test portion of your application. In most states, minors will also be required to show proof that they have successfully finished an approved driver’s education program. Parent-taught drivers education is also allowed as approved documentation. 

Once proper documentation has been presented, a vision test will be given to you. You must pass the vision test to continue; therefore, remember to bring glasses or contacts if you are asked to wear them. The testing process is completed in a designated area of the DMV where can be accessed by DMV clerks and written test takers. You need to turn off all electronic devices, except translation if applicable before taking the test. 

3. How to Assure A Passing Score On the DMV Written Test?

Many candidates fail the DMV written test the first time mainly due to lack of preparation. Only by studying hard can you assure you will pass the test. Multiple choice questions included on the DMV test are randomly created based on information in the state's driver’s manuals; therefore, you are recommended to study on manuals. Below is knowledge covered on test questions: 

  • Traffic laws and regulations for your particular state
  • Commonly found traffic signs such as yields and speed limits and stop signs
  • How to deal with special situations. To pass the test and become a safe driver, you need to firmly grasp the maneuvers of emergency vehicles, school zones and buses.

4. How To Study For Your Driver’s Permit?

In the United States, to obtain your driver’s license, things you need to do is passing a learner’s permit test, waiting a specified amount of time, having a set amount of supervised driving and passing a road driving test. These specifications will be different by state; thus, make sure that you understand your state’s specific DMV regulations thoroughly. Each state has its own learner’s permit written test. The question numbers are between 20 and 50. Additionally, the passing score ranges from 70 to 90%. 

When preparing for the driving permit test, many new drivers make the same mistakes such as failing to study enough or wasting time trying to memorize the DMV driver’s handbook (which has more than 100 pages). 

To gain a maximum score on the DMV written test, you need to get accustomed to the following DMV exam topics: 

  • Basic Driving Skills/Traffic Laws
  • What it means to Share The Road
  • Safety equipment
  • Crashes/Collisions
  • Signals, Signs, Markings

Below you will find subtopics of each topic above: 

Basic Driving Skills/ Traffic Laws 

  • Signaling, Passing, and Turning
  • Parking, Stopping, or Standing
  • Rotaries/Roundabouts
  • Right of Way
  • Speed
  • Vehicle positioning/spacing
  • Other driving laws

Sharing The Road 

  • Bicycles, Pedestrians, School Buses, Commercial Vehicles, RVs...
  • Safety/Defensive Driving

Safety Equipment 

  • Defensive driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Hazardous conditions (fog, rain, snow, work zones...)
  • Emergencies/Special Conditions

Crashes/ Collisions 

  • Brake failure, wet brakes, gas pedal sticks...

Signals, Signs, Markings 

  • Traffic Signals
  • Traffic Signs
  • Pavement Markings

5. Free DMV Practice Test 2023

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