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To obtain an Arizona driver's license, candidates must pass a knowledge test. The DMV written exam tests knowledge contained in the Arizona DMV Driver License Manual. Questions cover topics such as road rules, road signs, traffic laws and safe driving practices. 


1. How Much Does The Arizona Written Permit Test Cost?

You will have to pay $7 for taking the Arizona permit test. The fee comprises the application fee and three permit test attempts within a calendar year. 


2. What Is The Age Requirement To Gain An Arizona Driver's License?

In Arizona, to be eligible to get a full Class D Operator License, you must be at least 18 years old. 15½ years old is the minimum age requirement to receive a Graduated Instruction Permit. Meanwhile, 16 years old is the minimum age requirement to gain a Graduated License. 


3. How Many Questions Are On The Arizona Permit Test?

The Arizona Permit exam consists of 30 questions which are based on the 2022 AZ driver’s license manual. Common rules of the road, signage and defensive driving practices are among the topics covered on the Arizona driving test questions. 


3. How Many Mistakes are Allowed on the Arizona Permit Test?

You can miss up to 6 questions on the Arizona permit test. You must answer 24 questions correctly to pass the test. This is an accuracy rate of 80%. 


4. How Much Time Am I Allowed To Take My Arizona Permit Test at the AZ DMV?

You will have a total of 30 minutes to complete all questions on the Arizona permit test.


5. Can I Take The Permit Test Online In Arizona?

Yes. You are allowed to take the Arizona permit test online. If you are a Teenage Arizona driver who wishes to take the written driver test to obtain an Instruction Permit, you can take the test online under supervision. At-home permit test is designed for parents or legal guardians. Only by creating a personalized account on AZ MVD Now, you can take the Arizona permit test online.


6. What Happens If I Fail My Arizona Permit Test?

If you fail your Arizona permit test at the AZ MVD, you can return the next working day to sit for the test again. You are permitted to retake the test up to three times without having to pay another application fee. 


7. How To Prepare For Arizona Permit Test?

For any test, having a thorough preparation is pivotally important. To prepare well for the DMV written knowledge test, you need to learn from the Arizona Driver License Manual since it contains all questions which you will be asked on the real test. Our FREE DMV Arizona practice test 2022 are all taken from this manual, with the aim of helping DMV test-takers to pass the test on their first try. Practice with our DMV Arizona practice test right now to familiarize yourself with the format of the Arizona DMV actual exam. 

Though the best way to prepare for your exam is through practice tests, you can also learn from instructors. They know every detail of the test, which will help you be confident on your big day. 

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