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The state of California requires residents to have a driver's license if they want to drive on public roads and highways. When applying for a California license, you must furnish acceptable document(s) establishing your birthdate, identity, residency as well as your social security number (if eligible). The examinations consist of a knowledge test, a vision test, and a driving test (if required). The California (CA) DMV written test checks knowledge included in the California Driver Handbook, comprising safe driving practices, road rules, and signs questions. 


1. How Much Does The California Permit Test Cost?

You will have to pay $33 for taking the California permit test. This amount of money comprises a standard vision test, the administration of the written knowledge test, and all applicable paperwork for your driver’s permit. 


2. What Is The Age Requirement To Gain A California Driver's License?

In California, a driver must be 18 years old or above to obtain their full Class C License. To gain an Instruction Permit, a driver must be 15 years old or above. Meanwhile, at least 16 years old is the age requirement for a driver to attain a Provisional License. 


3. How Many Questions Are On The California Permit Test?

There are 46 questions on the California permit test. All questions are based on the 2022 CA driver’s license manual. To pass the test, you must answer 38 questions correctly. This is a score of 83%. Questions consist of signage, defensive driving practices, and common rules of the road. 


4. How Many Mistakes Are Allowed On The California Permit Test?

You are allowed to miss 8 questions on your California permit test.


5. How Much Time Am I Allowed To Take My California Permit Test At The CA DMV?

You will be given as much time as needed to complete all 46 questions on the California permit test. You are required to finish the test before the CA DMV closes. The test must be taken in person and under the supervision of California DMV employees. 


6. Can I Take The Permit Test Online In California?

No. You can’t take your California permit test online. Nevertheless, you can schedule your appointment online. You can access to get more information. 


7. What Happens If I Fail My California Permit Test?

Once you submit your application for your permit, you will be given three attempts to pass the California permit exam within 90 days. In case you fail the test, you must wait 7 days to take the test again. You may need to pay the fee for retesting. This depends on the rules of your local DMV. You are permitted three failed attempts before your application is denied. If you don’t pass the written test three times or don’t comply with the requirement of passing the test within 90 days, your application will be closed and you will have to begin your process again.


8. How To Prepare For The California Permit Test?

To do well on the California permit test, you should have a thorough preparation for it. With the California permit test, the California Driver Handbook is a great source for you to study and attain your target score because it provides all the information you need to pass the test, consisting of laws as well as driving instructions. After reading through the handbook, you can take California DMV practice tests to memorize what you’ve learned for a longer time. Our website provides not only FREE but also exam-like California DMV practice tests. We aim to create favorable conditions for DMV learners to study better. Fulfill your DMV knowledge by taking our FREE CA DMV practice tests now!

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