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Individuals who want to obtain a motorcycle license in Connecticut must pass both a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test. Information from the Connecticut Motorcycle Manual is covered in knowledge test questions. 


1. How Many Questions Are On The Connecticut DMV Motorcycle Knowledge Test? 

There are 16 questions on the Connecticut DMV motorcycle knowledge test. All of the knowledge you need to study to pass the test can be found in the official CT motorcycle handbook and driver’s handbook. 

One of the most effective ways to ace an exam is by practicing on a daily basis. To successfully pass the Connecticut DMV motorcycle knowledge test, you can do free Connecticut DMV motorcycle practice tests on our website. Our Connecticut DMV Motorcycle Practice Test will certainly help you pass your test with flying colors. On our website, you can take free Connecticut DMV motorcycle practice tests as many times as you want. Once finishing each practice question, you will get immediate feedback comprising a correct answer and a specific explanation. 


2. How Many Mistakes Are Allowed On The Connecticut DMV Motorcycle Knowledge Test? 

You are allowed to miss a maximum of 4 questions on the Connecticut DMV motorcycle knowledge test. It means that to pass the test, you must get 21 out of 25 questions right. 


3. How Do I Get My Connecticut DMV Motorcycle License?

In Connecticut, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles is the unit that regulates driver’s license regulations. Anyone who wants to ride a motorcycle in the state is required to get a license. Individuals who are 16 and 17 years old must achieve a learner’s permit prior to applying for a driver’s license. After furnishing proper documents, and having a parent or legal guardian sign a consent form, you need to sit for a knowledge test and a vision test. 

Teen drivers must also go through 40 hours of driving ahead of being qualified to apply for their license. At this time, test takers are permitted to apply for their driving test at their local DMV. While driving with their learner’s permit, teenagers may need to be accompanied by their driving instructor, a parent or legal guardian, or an individual who is 20 years old or older and provides instruction, and who has possessed a license for 4 years. Candidates who are 18 years old or older must have a learner’s permit for 90 days before sitting for their road driver’s test. 

You can take the road test at the following DMV office sites in Connecticut:

  • Bridgeport
  • Danbury
  • Enfield
  • Hamden
  • Old Saybrook
  • Waterbury
  • Wethersfield
  • Willimantic


4. How Old Do I Have to Be to Get A Motorcycle License In Connecticut?

To apply for a motorcycle license in Connecticut, you must be at least 16 years of age as well as have a regular Connecticut driver’s license. Prior to getting your license, you are required to pass a knowledge and vision test at the DMV. 


5. How Much Does It Cost To Get a Motorcycle License In Connecticut?

  • Motorcycle knowledge and vision tests: $40
  • Having the “M” endorsement or the “M” endorsement with "3" restriction added to the license: $30
  • Motorcycle learner's permit (optional): $16
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