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Florida is a great place to drive a motorcycle. In order to do that, you must own a Florida motorcycle license. Thus, you should do our FREE Florida DMV Motorcycle Practice Test right now to pass the actual one on the first go. We created the practice format closely to the actual test to help you mimic and conquer it in a short time!

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To safely operate a motorcycle, you need to have specific knowledge and skills. All individuals requesting a Florida motorcycle endorsement must complete a basic motorcycle safety education course prior to obtaining a motorcycle endorsement or “Motorcycle Only” license. An individual who has completed the Florida Motorcycle Rider Course will receive an endorsement if he/ she is licensed to operate another kind of motor vehicle. 


1. How Many Questions Are On Florida DMV Motorcycle Knowledge Test?

The Florida DMV motorcycle knowledge test contains 25 questions that cover information in the Florida DMV motorcycle manual. Therefore, you are recommended to thoroughly learn from the manual. 

After reading the manual, head over to our free Florida DMV motorcycle practice tests. Our Florida DMV motorcycle practice tests encompass from-easy-to-difficult questions and cover all topics that you will be asked on your actual Florida DMV motorcycle exam. Let’s defeat your upcoming Florida DMV motorcycle test with our free Florida DMV motorcycle practice tests!


2. How Many Mistakes Are Allowed On Florida DMV Motorcycle Knowledge Test?

You are permitted to miss up to 5 questions on your Florida DMV motorcycle knowledge test. This exam includes 25 questions and you must correctly answer at least 20 questions to pass ((80%).


3. How Do I Get My Florida DMV Motorcycle License?

Here are the steps you need to take if you want to get your DMV motorcycle license in Florida: 


3.1. Obtain Your Florida Learner’s Permit (if you haven’t already had)

Under Florida law, you must have obtained your learner’s permit and held it for one year with no traffic convictions before being eligible to get a motorcycle license. Possessing a Florida motorcycle license, which is also known as the motorcycle endorsement means that you have already had your learner’s permit and driver’s license. 


3.2. Pass a Basic Rider Course

Whether you will get your motorcycle license endorsement or motorcycle-only license, you are required to complete the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) or Basic Rider Course updated (BRCCu). These courses are available at any authorized Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Florida Rider Training Program sponsor. Even though you have already got a motorcycle license before in another state, you still must attend and pass a basic rider course. 


3.3. Submit Documentation and Pay Fees

After passing the basic rider course, you will have to come to a driver's license office or tax collector office to have your Class E driver’s license endorsed or your motorcycle-only license issued. Remember to bring your ID as well as a record showing that you passed your basic rider course. 


4. How Old Do I Have to Be to Get A DMV Motorcycle License In Florida?

You must be at least 16 years old and have a learner’s license for one year with no traffic convictions to be qualified for getting a Florida motorcycle license.


5. How Much Does It Cost To Get a Motorcycle License In Florida?

Getting a motorcycle endorsement license will cost you $7. If you select a tax collector’s office to get your endorsement, you will need to pay an additional fee of $6.25. Gaining a motorcycle-only license will cost you $48. If you opt for a tax collector’s office to get your license, you will need to pay an additional transaction fee of $6.25.

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