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It is essential to pass the DMV written test in order to get a noncommercial driver's license in the Sunshine State. Our free FL practice test, which includes a variety of questions on traffic laws, road limitations and signals, and safe driving, are an excellent choice.

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People who want to apply for a Florida driver’s license must take a vision, hearing, and knowledge test. The Florida DMV written test comprises 50 questions including 40 ones about road rules and 10 about road signs. To pass the test, you are required to provide the correct answers to at least 40 of the 50 multiple-choice questions.

It is advisable to thoroughly study the Florida Driver’s Handbook while preparing for the test. Once successfully passing the official DMV practice permit test, you can schedule an appointment for the driving test at your local DMV. 


1. How Old Do I Have To Be to Get A Learner's Permit In Florida?

To attain your learner’s permit in Florida, you must be at least 18 years old. Completing a Traffic Laws and Substance Abuse Education course is another requirement. This course is referred to as the TLSAE or Florida Drivers Ed course. Age does not affect the speed or ease of the testing or driver’s education courses if you are under 18 years old. 


2. How To Get Your Florida Learners Permit? 

Florida is among many states taking part in a Graduated Drivers License Program. This is also termed a “GDL Program”. Florida is the first state to instill a Graduated Drivers License and other states follow suit. In all GDL programs, you get your license in stages eclipsing training milestones that make sure you are as safe as you can be before obtaining your full and unrestricted license. The very first thing you need to do to gain your license through the GDL program is to gain a learner’s permit. 


3. How Much Does The Florida Learner’s Permit Test Cost?

The cost of a learner’s permit and taking a learner’s permit test in Florida is equivalent to the one in many other states. A $48 Class E driver’s license fee will be payable to the DHSMV and consists of the issuance of your Florida learner’s permit.


4. How Many Questions Are On The Florida Learner’s Permit Test?

There are 50 multiple-choice questions on the Florida DMV written test. To pass the exam, you must answer 40 questions correctly. This is an accuracy rate of 80%. You will be given 60 minutes to complete all 50 questions. The exam checks your knowledge of road signs, traffic laws and rules of the road. 


5. What Happens If I Fail My Florida Permit Test?

Most people sitting for the FL permit test do so with their online provider. If you select this method, you will be given three attempts to pass the test prior to having to go to a local DMV and pass the test in person. For those who take the test in person, you may make unlimited attempts to pass. Nonetheless, you are required to wait 24 hours to take the test again after a failed attempt. Preparation is a must to ace the test successfully. You can take Florida DMV practice test on our website. 


6. What Paperwork Do I Need To Get My Florida Learner’s Permit?

To obtain your Florida Learner’s permit, you are required to verify several aspects of both your identity and your education. You will need to furnish the following documents when arriving at your local Division of Driver Licenses office:

  • Completed Parental Consent for a Driver Application of a Minor (Form HSMV 71142). This must be signed by your parent or guardian in front of a driver license examiner or certified if your parent or guardian is absent.
  • Proof of your Completed TLSAE course (Florida Drivers Education)
  • Proof of Residency (2 Documents)
  • Proof of Social Security Number


7. Florida (FL) DMV Practice Test 2022 by Estudyme 

If you are still worried about your upcoming Florida DMV written test, our FREE Florida DMV practice tests are here to help you. With more than 200 Florida DMV practice questions, we make sure that you will pass your DMV written test on your first try. All of our Florida DMV practice tests are based on the 2022 Florida DMV driver’s manual. If you want to gain confidence on your big day, take our Florida DMV practice test now!

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