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Our FREE Georgia DMV Practice Test consists of roughly a thousand questions that can be organized into topics such as road rules and safe driving. All questions are taken from the DMV Motorcycle Handbook and designed to resemble the format of the real test and help you experience how it is. Take the practice now to get a flying score!

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There are two ways to get your motorcycle license in Georgia. The first way is by completing the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program Course. You will achieve a License Test Waiver, which permits you to bypass the knowledge and on-cycle skills test at a DDS Customer Service Center. The second way is passing motorcycle license tests, comprising a road sign test, a road rules test, and a riding test on a motorcycle. 


1. How Many Questions Are On Georgia DMV Motorcycle Knowledge Test?

There are 20 questions on your Georgia DMV motorcycle knowledge test. Knowledge test questions are based on information from the Georgia motorcycle operator’s manual. For that reason, you are advised to carefully learn from this manual. 

Along with reading the manual, you also should take practice tests. Our website is created to offer DMV motorcycle learners to get access to a free and diverse Georgia DMV Motorcycle Practice Test bank. Our Florida DMV motorcycle practice tests have been carefully compiled which guarantee to help you pass your Florida DMV motorcycle test on your first try. Fulfill your Florida DMV motorcycle knowledge with our Florida DMV motorcycle practice tests now!


2. How Many Mistakes Are Allowed On Georgia DMV Motorcycle Knowledge Test?

You are allowed to miss up to 5 questions on your Georgia DMV motorcycle knowledge test. To pass the exam, you must answer 21 of the 25 questions correctly.


3. How Do I Get My Georgia DMV Motorcycle License?

Everyone needs a Class M license to ride a motorcycle in Georgia. There are several motorcycle license requirements that you will have to meet to get your Georgia DMV motorcycle license. Before obtaining your motorcycle license, you will need to: 

  • Pass a vision test
  • Pass the Georgia DDS knowledge test
  • Earn the Class MP Permit and follow these rules
  • only ride during daylight hours
  • no riding with passengers
  • no driving on limited-access roadways
  • use mandatory safety equipment such as a helmet.
  • Take a state-approved motorcycle safety course
  • Take a motorcycle driving test


4. How Old Do I Have to Be to Get A Motorcycle License In Georgia?

Riders must comply with certain requirements before they can receive their Georgia motorcycle license. Specifically, you must be at least 17 years old or older. If you are under 18 years old, you need to have your parent or legal guardian sign the Form for Driver’s License/ID/Permit as well as complete the Responsible Adult Affidavit. Additionally, candidates under 18 years old also need to have a Certificate of School Enrollment. 


5. How Much Does It Cost To Get a Motorcycle License In Georgia?

In Georgia, a motorcycle license costs $25 for a five-year license and $32 for an eight-year license. 

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