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Our website's free IA DMV practice tests can provide you with the ideal opportunity to learn about the DMV exam and pass it with flying colors. All of the practice tests will be based on the Iowa DMV Permit Manual 2022 and will cover various themes like traffic regulations, road signs and restrictions, and safe driving.

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An Iowa (IA) driver’s license is a state-issued card that gives you permission to drive a motor vehicle legally. The card will display your full name, date of birth, mailing address, signature, photo, and physical description. Keep in mind that you must have a card whenever you drive a motor vehicle. 

The IA DOT Permit Test which is administered by the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires test takers to excel at knowledge and driving tests. It is related to the rules of the road and driving skills. Our Iowa DMV Practice Test 2022 is available to access for free which provides you with a number of practice tests simulated as the real exams and compiled based on the 2022 Iowa Drivers Handbook. Besides, the exam is administered by automated testing equipment which possesses touch screens and audio assistance. Let’s take as much practice as possible to obtain more essential knowledge and familiarize yourself with the test format. 


1. What is included in the Iowa DMV test?

In Iowa, you are required to complete 2 sub-parts, which are the Knowledge Test and the Behind-the-wheel Test:  

  • Knowledge test: The Iowa test consists of 35 multiple-choice questions that cover Iowa road signs, traffic laws, and safe-driving practices which are based on information in the Iowa Driver's Handbook. You are required to choose one correct answer out of 3 options. You need to obtain at least 80% correct answers to pass the test. In other words, if you are able to correctly answer 28 of the 35 questions, you will deserve to be granted the Iowa DMV permit. Bear in mind that there can be more than one correct answer out of four options given so read carefully to choose the best answer for. 
  • Road Test: The test will evaluate your knowledge of a motor vehicle’s basic equipment and measure your ability to operate a vehicle safely while obeying traffic laws and to perform several driving tasks and maneuvers.


2. How much does it cost to get an Iowa driver’s license?

You have to pay $8 for a 2-year License or $20 for a 5-year License and $6 for an instruction permit that is only valid within 4 years. 


3. How long do you have to wait to retake the DMV test in Iowa?

You can be authorized to retake the test twice more after one day if you are unable to pass it on your first attempt within ninety days. Furthermore, you might be charged a retest fee each time.


4. What common mistakes should you avoid in the IA DMV test?

In the written test, one of the most common mistakes is due to not knowing enough information in the manual because people study solely with practice tests. Hence, make sure you read the manual carefully first. Another mistake could be rushing through questions without reviewing or double-checking. Thus, let’s take your time and remember what you have studied and read.

In the road test, you should avoid the following errors such as: driving too slowly or fast for conditions, not keeping both hands on the wheel, driving too close to other vehicles, disobeying a traffic signal, yield, stopping, school zone, or no turn on red sign, etc. 


5. Can you take the Iowa DMV test in any other language apart from English?

Yes, absolutely. This test is also available in Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hmong, Italian, Korean, Laotian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

6. Can you use the manual when taking the Iowa DMV actual test?

No, you cannot. Using the driver’s manual when sitting for the test is regarded as a kind of cheating and your results will be rejected. Besides, phones and other wireless devices are also prohibited. 


7. How long is the Iowa DMV road test?

The Iowa road test will last between 15 and 20 minutes depending on how well you perform. Let’s ring a driver licensing office near you to secure a spot. 


8. Is the Iowa DMV written knowledge test hard? 

Although the Iowa DMV Test isn’t hard to conquer, many test-takers encounter psychological problems such as exam anxiety or others haven’t paid enough preparation leading to missing and failing the test. Thus, our Iowa DMV Practice Tests are published with the purpose of providing as much free practice experience as possible to build your knowledge, readiness,  and confidence so as to get 100% ready before sitting for the actual exam. Let’s get started right now!


9. What benefit can you take from the Iowa DMV Practice Test?

According to a study, 30% of people fail their DMV written test on their first try? Thus, we suggest you take our Iowa DMV Practice Test. With huge questions raised in our easy-to-use website and app, we assure you that you will successfully pass the DMV test with a flying score. 

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