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The natural beauties of New Mexico are tailor-made for motorbike enthusiasts. To ride a motorcycle on the New Mexico public roads, you are required to achieve an NM Motorcycle License or an endorsement on your license. 


1. Types of DMV Motorcycle endorsements in New Mexico

A Class M License in New Mexico can come with the following endorsements:

  • W endorsement is given to those who ride 2 or 3 wheels motorcycles with 100cc or larger engine 
  • Y endorsement allows riders to operate a motorcycle with less than 100cc engine
  • Z endorsement is applied to motorcycles that displace less than 50cc engines.
  • How old can I apply for an NM Motorcycle License? 

In New Mexico, the minimum age to apply for a Class M license with a Y or Z endorsement is 13 years old. Riders 15 years old or older are able to apply for a Class M license with a W, Y, or Z endorsement.


2. What tests will I have to take to get New Mexico DMV Motorcycle License?

You will have to pass a written test, and a road test to achieve your standard license.

  • To pass the written test, you’ll need to answer 20 of 25 questions correctly (equivalent to 80% of the total number of questions). The questions in the written test cover information about motorcycles, motorcycle riders, and other traffic rules. You can find and learn this knowledge in the New Mexico Motorcycle Operator Manual.
  • A riding exam aims to test your skills in safe motorcycle riding. It will take place in either an actual traffic situation or a controlled, off-street setting.

Tip: Before taking the actual test, you should study the manual thoroughly and take our free NM DMV motorcycle test to get 100% ready for your real exam.

In case you are under 18 years old you have to complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course to get your endorsement or license. If you are 18 or older and have passed the written and on-road tests, the Basic Rider Course is optional.


3. What documents do I need to supply for the New Mexico DMV Motorcycle License?

You need to present the following documents when you apply for a motorcycle license at the New Mexico MDV office:

  • MSF course completion certificate
  • Written proof that you've passed the MVD's motorcycle written and road tests
  • Proof of Social Security number
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of NM residency


4. How is the DMV Motorcycle License fee in New Mexico?

In New Mexico, fees for motorcycle endorsements and licenses vary and may only be obtained by contacting the Motor Vehicle Division. For information about motorcycle endorsements and license fees, please contact your local MVD branch.

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