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A South Dakota driver’s license is a state-issued card that allows you lawfully operate a motor vehicle legally. The card will display your full name, date of birth, mailing address, signature, photo, and physical description. Keep in mind that you must have a DMV license whenever you drive a motor vehicle. To obtain a South Dakota DMV driver’s license, you are required to excel at knowledge and driving examinations which are administered by the state’s office only and are related to the rules of the road and driving skills. 


1. What can a South Dakota DMV license do?

South Dakota License is a card that can allow you to operate a motor vehicle. Your personal information such as name, address, signature, and other things also will be included in the SD Card. In addition, your DMV Card can be used as a personal identity to prove your legitimacy.


2. How is South Dakota DMV test structured?

To successfully hold a SD DMV license, you are required to pass 2 different parts of the DMV test, which include:

  • Knowledge test: There are aspects such as traffic laws, road rules, and driving safety that may appear in the actual test. To ensure that you can easily pass this round, read and practice as frequently as possible. To pass the South Dakota DMV written test, you must get at least 20/25 correct questions.
  • Skill test: On the skill or road test, you need to demonstrate your driving skills such as backing up or turning safety. It is not really hard but still not easy, spend your time practicing well.

In addition, you are also required to take the vision test. The minimum score you must pass is 20/40.


3. What benefits can you take from the South Dakota DMV practice test?

You can do our South Dakota DMV practice tests which simulate the real exam in terms of both format and content whenever you choose. With our SD DMV practice test, you will be able to practice without the pressure of a deadline or supervision. However, you should create a flexible daily learning process in order to pass the SD DMV test and receive a DMV driver's license. All the practice questions will cover the content of the South Dakota DMV Handbook.

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4. How can you apply for the South Dakota DMV practice test?

To get the SD DMV driver’s license, you will need to prepare several steps and documents:

First of all, you need to be qualified for the SD age requirement. In South Dakota, you must be at least 14 years old to obtain a driver’s license and show all related documents such as Identity documents, Social security numbers, and Resident proof. In addition, for all under 18 drivers, you must be under the control and guard of your supervisors when you are driving.

Besides, there will be some documents that you should bring to the SD DMV office to apply for an SD DMV driver’s license:

  • Your legitimate identity: Identification card, a Birth certificate, or a Passport
  • Proof of your current residence (can be your Resident card or Resident certificate)
  • A copy of your Social security card


5. How much does the South Dakota DMV driver’s license test cost?

In brief, you must pay $28 to get your license. In addition, there will be a list of potential fees that you should prepare for:

  • Learner’s Permit fee: $28
  • Learner’s Permit upgrade fee: $15
  • Renewal: $28.00
  • Duplicate: $15.00
  • Reinstatement Fees: $50-$200

You must note that the South Dakota DMV driver’s license will expire in 5 years, if you still want to continue to operate your motor vehicle, you must pay $28,00 to apply for a new one.


6. How many times can you fail the South Dakota DMV driver’s license test?

Basically, you have 3 attempts in one try. If you fail, wait 6 months to retake it. Let’s study and practice harder to pass the test right on your first go!

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