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Practicing allows you to retain knowledge. As a result, our Vermont DMV motorcycle practice test is designed specifically for persons attempting to obtain a motorcycle license. Covering all phases of the Vermont DMV Handbook, our aim is to help you all set for the real test. Let’s do it!

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A Vermont motorcycle driver’s license is an official state-issued card that authorizes you to operate a motorcycle, motorized bicycle, moped, or any bicycle with an attached motor. Your full name, date of birth, mailing address, signature, photo, and a physical description will be displayed on the card. Remember that you must bring the card whenever you drive a motor vehicle to save yourself from violating traffic laws. 


1. Who is qualified to obtain the Vermont DMV Motorcycle License?

In general, you are required to be at least 16 years old to apply for the Vermont DMV Motorcycle License. However, you are required to have your parent or guardian’s signature to obtain the Learner's license with restrictions. The restrictions will be removed from your license when you are 18 years old. 


2. Do you need to do the written Vermont DMV Motorcycle test?

In order to obtain your Vermont DMV Motorcycle license, you are required to attend the VT Motorcycle test, which includes the written test and the skill test.

  • Written test: Vermont DMV Motorcycle written test includes 25 questions. In order to pass the test, you need to get at least 20 correct questions. Moreover, you only have 3 attempts, if you fail you need to reapply.
  • Skill test: You need to perform how well you drive your motorcycle and follow the traffic regulations. 


3. Is the Vermont Motorcycle practice test the same as the actual test?

Obviously. We furnish you with numerous questions related to the content of the UT DMV Motorcycle Operator Handbook. Thus, the questions might appear in the actual test. In addition, you can freely access and practice our application DMV Test Pro and website. Furthermore, with the friendly-user interface, we assure you that you will have an amazing experience when practicing with our product. 


4. How does the Vermont Motorcycle test cost?

Motorcycle licenses and related services are charged by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles at the following rates:

  • Knowledge test: $9
  • Learner's permit: $20
  • Learner's permit renewal: $20
  • On-road motorcycle exam: $19
  • Basic Rider-Course: $185
  • Motorcycle endorsement: $3


5. Can you renew your Vermont Motorcycle license online?

Yes, you certainly can. The DMV office allows drivers and motorcyclists to renew their licenses online to save time and effort. Furthermore, you have the option of using one of two methods:

  • By email: When your license is ready to expire, you will be sent an email inviting you to renew it. Accept it and wait 30 days to obtain a replacement if you want to keep riding your motorbike.
  • By person: If you did not receive the invitation, you may look up the RI DMV online and complete the online form with all of the required information, such as your name, email address, signature, and other details.


6. Can you do the Vermont Motorcycle test in different languages?

In short, you can. However, you only can do the Vermont Motorcycle test in English and Spanish. However, all the road signs are still in English, thus, it is better if you are able to read and answer the test in English.

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