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If you're thinking about taking an online practice exam for the Washington DMV motorcycle test, you should do it right here. The road rules and safe driving practices sections on our FREE Washington DMV motorcycle practice test are all taken directly from the Washington DMV motorcycle manual. Thus, we ensure that you will pass the actual test with flying colors!

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1. Who is required to obtain the Washington DMV Motorcycle driver’s license?

Washington DMV motorcycle license is required for every dweller who operates a motorcycle. Thus, it is a must for you if you want to be a motorcyclist in WA. However, there are some age restrictions you must know:

  • Between 16 and 18 years old: You are allowed to own a DMV motorcycle learner’s permit if you complete the Learner Permit course and have proof of driving under the control of your parents.
  • At least 18 years old: You are allowed to obtain a DMV Motorcycle License after passing the knowledge and behind-the-wheel test.


2. What’s on the Washington DMV written test?

The WA DMV written test contains 50 multiple choice questions about Oregon road rules, signs, and markings as well as other traffic laws. You are required to have at least 40 correct answers to pass the written test (80%). In addition, the test will be administered on computers, thus, you should practice at home first to get used to its format.


3. Do you need to practice for the Washington DMV test?

In order to memorize the knowledge from the WA DMV motorcycle operator manual, there are many ways instead of just reading all the time. We provide you with an effective method of learning, which is practicing. The format and question content resemble the actual test, our aim is to help you familiarize yourself and get a perfect score. The divided practices cover all the content of the WA DMV motorcycle manual as traffic regulations and road signs.

It’s time to start the WA DMV motorcycle practice test!! Practice here or install our applications DMV Practice Test, we are available on the Play Store and Apple Store with a friendly user interface.


4. What documents do you need for the Washington DMV motorcycle test?

In order to obtain a Washington DMV motorcycle license, there will be some things you must notice before taking the test. Those documents might take you a long time to prepare, including:

  • Your legitimate identity: Identification card, a Birth certificate, or a Passport
  • Proof of your current residence (can be your Resident card or Resident certificate)
  • a copy of your Social security card
  • Your vehicle bill of sale
  • Motorcycle registration taxes and fees


5. How much is the Washington DMV motorcycle test?

To successfully own a Washington DMV motorcycle license, there are several steps and fees you need to pay. We listed here some possible payments that should be covered:

  • License tab fee: $30
  • Service fee: $8
  • Application fee: $15
  • Filling fee: $4.50 for registration and $10 for title with registration
  • Replacement registration card fee: $1.25
  • Motorcycle license plate fee: $4 for original and $19.25 for Replacement


6. Can you retake the Washington DMV Motorcycle test?

You can try 3 times for both written and skill tests. If you fail, you can retake it another day and pay $5,00 if you fail 1 or 2 times. However, if you can not pass after 3 tries, you are required to wait 28 days to retake the test. You must apply from the beginning and pay for both the motorcycle test fee and the License fee. Practice hard to pass the test right on your first try!

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