A new journey starts by moving to a new state for you and your family. If your future home is in the prairie state, you will have a ton of opportunities to create and develop your life—too many exciting things to explore. However, don’t go too far, because you need to complete your papers to be a resident in Illinois, including the Illinois driver’s license transfer. In this article, we are going to give you a brief guideline that will go through every requirement you should know about How to transfer Illinois driver’s license?


how to transfer Illinois drivers license
How to transfer Illinois driver’s license?

1. When do you need to transfer Illinois driver’s license?

As with other certificates or licenses which has your address on, when changing the places, you must make a change to update your address. It’s called a transfer driver’s license. Along with the driver’s license transfer, you must submit other documents to complete the transfer process. 

For 90 days, you may utilize your home state’s legal driver’s license. If you wish to become a resident of Illinois, you must get a new Illinois license or identity card. You do not need to transfer your license if you do not intend to live in the state permanently.


2. How to transfer Illinois driver’s license? 


2.1. Transfer out-of-state Illinois driver’s license 

In order to make a transfer Illinois driver’s license, you will need to follow the required steps to achieve a new DMV Illinois driver’s license. 


Step 1: Apply for a transfer Illinois driver’s license in the DMV Illinois office (or the Secretary of State SOS location)

 You choose any office that is near your new address, however, not all facilities offer you the same quality. Thus, it is a gambling game to pick a kind office. Our suggestion for you is to take advice from your neighbor, it’s also a great idea to communicate with your new friends here. 


Step 2: Submit the required documents for Illinois driver’s license 

In order to transfer Illinois driver’s license, you must bring to the DMV office the following documents: 

  • Proof of Identity: previous driver’s license, US passport, passport card, US military card, Military dependent’s ID card (front and back)
  • Proof of birth date: Your certificate
  • Proof of Social Security Number
  • Proof of Illinois residency: Electric bills, Rent fees, etc
  • Your signature (written form)
  • License transfer fees 


Step 3: Take the vision test

Right after submitting all the needed documents, you are required to take a vision test. This test’s purpose is to ensure you are qualified to handle your vehicle in a good condition. The minimum score of this test is 20/40 or the higher the better. This form can be completed by a professional optometrist, ophthalmologist, or physician, or by having a vision exam performed at the DMV or SOS. 


Step 4: Complete the written test 

The written exam in Illinois comprises 35 multiple-choice questions covering essential traffic regulations and road signage around the state. To pass, you must score 80% or better, which means you cannot miss more than 7 questions.


Remembering the regulations of the road may be challenging, especially when there are so many little variances across states. We recommend that you attend a refresher course to prepare for the written exam and to stay current on Illinois driving rules. We provide an excellent refresher course that will ensure you pass your written exam with flying colors.


The Illinois written test is quite the same as Illinois Instruction Permit, which allows you to get a temporary license and drive under some restrictions. 


Step 5: Waiting for a temporary license 

After completing the aforementioned transfer Illinois driver’s license procedures, you will be issued a temporary license. Your permanent license card will be mailed to you within a few weeks. When necessary, you can present your temporary license to confirm your identity or birthdate.


dmv transfer illinois drivers license
You can present your temporary license to confirm your identity or birthdate


2.2. Transfer out of Illinois 

If you are moving out of Illinois, you must follow the transfer process of the state that you choose. In general, it will be the same as Illinois, but there will be some different points. Visit the DMV office for more information. 


2.3.  Transfer within the state 

If you moving to a new address in Illinois, you can notify the DMV office and wait for a new driver’s license. The DMV vision and writing are not required if you just change your address. 


2.4. Transfer from another country to Illinois 

If you want to move to Illinois, you must transfer your driver’s license before the 90-day grace period expires. The Illinois DMV does not accept DMV International Driving Permit, and they are not required for new foreign residents of the state.


3. What will happen if you don’t transfer Illinois driver’s license in time? 

New residents of Illinois are granted a 90-day transition period. All new residents are expected to have completed all essential business in their prior state and to be totally settled in their new residence. A police officer may issue you an additional ticket for failing to follow state regulations.


4. Frequently questions about the transfer Illinois driver’s license


4.1. Should I retake my driver’s test if I relocate to Illinois?

To receive a new driver’s license, you must relinquish your out-of-state license and pass a vision screening, written exam, and maybe a driving test at a Secretary of State facility.


4.2. How much does cost to transfer Illinois driver’s license? 

You will need to spend $30 payment for the Class D driver’s license fee ($5 if 18-20 years old)


how to transfer illinois drivers license
$30 payment for the Class D driver’s license fee


4.3. In Illinois, what is evidence of residency?

Driver’s license from the state of Illinois. Transcript of Tax Return from Illinois. Voter registration card in Illinois. The Secretary of State issues an identity card for the state of Illinois.


4.4. What can not be counted as proof of address in Illinois?

Documents that are typically not counted as proof of address include Passports, Birth certificates.


4.5. Do online bank statements qualify as address proof?

You may be able to use your Online Statement as evidence of address depending on the firm. If the firm refuses to accept a printed Online Statement, you can request a physical statement be mailed to your home address.


As you can see, making a transfer Illinois driver’s license is rather simple if you know what to anticipate. It will only take one visit to the DMV, some paperwork, a knowledge exam, and around an hour of your time. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you need assistance preparing for an impending exam. The DMV Practice test with more than 1000 questions can help you appraise your score quickly. Start practice now, totally FREE for you!