DMV driving test is a required test for anyone who wants to operate your car in the United States. However, test-takers sometimes time get anxious about how to pass it right from the first time. In this article, we furnish you with a DMV Driving Test Study Guide, to help you confidently conquer it. Let’s take a closer look at this DMV driving test!

dmv test study guide
How to pass the DMV Driving Test?


1. What is the structure of the DMV Driving Test?

DMV driving test or DMV road test is a part of the DMV test. In this section, you are required to perform your driving skill as well as how to follow the traffic rules perfectly. The main content of the test consists of  basic actions you will do while dring:

  • Turns to the left and right
  • Intersections, controlled and uncontrolled
  • Backing in a straight line
  • Changing lanes
  • Driving on a usual street
  • Driving on the interstate (if required)

Moreover, your performance is under an examiner’s observation and it will last from 15 to 60 minutes. Be prepared to do the DMV Driving test successfully!

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2. What to bring to the DMV Driving Test?

What you should bring to the DMV driving test will be depended on your age. We already listed below for you to easy to follow:

2.1. For DMV teen drivers

  • Your permission
  • A parental signature verifying 50 hours of driving practices
  • Evidence of financial responsibility (car insurance)
  • Driver Education Completion Certificate (DL 400C)
  • Your certificate of completion for the Behind-the-wheel lesson


2.2. For DMV adult drivers

  • Your Permit
  • Proof of financial responsibility (car insurance)


2.3. Vehicle requirements

Importantly, you need to bring your vehicle to attend the DMV Driving Test. Hence, you should make sure that your vehicle meets the following conditions below:

  • Front and rear license plates, with the rear plate displaying current registration.
  • Front and rear functional turn signals, as well as working brake lights
  • Good condition tires
  • Adequate braking pressure
  • A working driver-side window that you can roll down
  • A windscreen that does not block your view
  • To your left, there are two rearview mirrors, one of which is fixed outdoors.
  • Both sides of the car have front doors that may be opened from the inside and outside.
  • Safety belts that work
  • A working emergency or parking brake
  • A working horn

In addition, it is a good idea to take your vehicle to the mechanic before the driving test to make sure everything is on set. 

dmv driving test guide
Checking your car before test day

3. Why do people often fail their DMV driving test?

After several interviews, we notice that most American fail the DMV driving test due to some common reasons. However, you totally can avoid these mistakes by acknowledging them:


3.1. Fail to fasten seatbelt

First and foremost, this is the most common mistake of test-takers while taking the DMV driving test. It is estimated that more than half of candidates forgot to fast their seatbelts while taking the behind-the-wheel test. The reasons can be named are maybe they are too nervous or fast the seatbelt is not their driving habit. However, you should notice that failing to fasten your seatbelt is an automatic fail, even before putting your car in motion on your road test.

It’s not easy to break any habit immediately, however, you should put your effort into it. Whether you’re driving or riding along, doing this every time you get in a car will ultimately become an afterthought. You will have no trouble remembering to buckle your seatbelt before taking your driving test.


3.2. Drive too fast

Secondly, another common mistake of test-takers is driving too fast without necessary. You must know that the danger involved with your speed can include the worst scene. Therefore, can’t to control your speed is a big problem for you if you operate your vehicle frequently in the future. 

In addition, some people shared that the main reason for this mistake was they felt scared during the DMV driving test. To ease your fear, you should stay calm and try to relax. Your attitude is one of the important factors in your result. 


3.3. Forgot to check mirrors

Moreover, another significant mistake that can be listed here is related to the mirror. Your examiner will focus on your usage of both outside and inside mirrors. Thus, to avoid making any mistakes while taking the DMV driving test, you should check your left and right mirrors about every 5 to 10 seconds. Moreover, checking mirrors regularly is a good habit when operating your car on the road. 


3.4. Can’t make a complete stop

Furthermore, another automatic fail in the DMV driving test is failing to make complete stops. Making a rolling stop at a stop sign is prohibited in all states and is subject to a fine ranging from $75 to $500 or more, depending on local laws. Hence, you should spend time practicing how to stop completely to avoid missing scores on your test. 


3.5. Perform an improper parallel parking 

To be honest, parallel parking is a difficult task to do and people often fail to make it. Some people even spend time searching for a non-parallel spot than have to drive in the parallel parking space. However, you should spend time to practice for this skill, because in some states you can not get your DMV driving license without a successful parking parallel. 

dmv driving test
DMV driving tips for test takers


4. What are the useful tips to pass the DMV driving test?

In this article, we’ve selected all the useful road test tips to help you prepare for the actual DMV driving test. Let’s see whether it can help you or not!


4.1. Remember your pre-drive checklist

Your instructor will require you to complete a few tasks as soon as you enter your car. While this list varies by state, remembering how to control these systems in your car can set you on the correct course to success.

  • Fasten your seatbelt safely
  • Changing the position of your side and rearview mirrors
  • Controlling your heating and cooling systems
  • Turning on your high beams, taillights, and headlights


4.2. Focus on the road and mirrors

Many students make the mistake of keeping their eyes fixed on what is happening in front of them during the DMV driving test. While this may appear to be the appropriate thing to do in principle, it is extremely risky and will result in an immediate failure on your driver’s test.

Your side and rearview mirrors provide crucial information about what vehicles are doing behind and around you. The examiner will pay great attention to how you use your mirrors to survey your surroundings. Also, remember to check your blind area for any vehicles that may be in your path. You’ll have a 360-degree vision of the road and will never be shocked by automobiles next to or behind you.


4.3. Learn to parallel park

Parallel parking has always been a challenging move for learners to grasp. While it might be difficult to learn, it is a necessary ability for individuals who live in densely populated urban zones. However, many argue that it does not apply as much to drivers in suburban and rural areas. In fact, a few states have removed parallel parking from their DMV driving test.

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4.4. Change lane slowly 

Going in the wrong lane refers to driving a vehicle to the incorrect lane on a road segment divided into multiple lanes and separated by road markings, with each lane reserved for just one or a certain kind of vehicle.

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4.5. Brake gently

Practice braking gently is a good way to avoid making missed scores in the actual DMV driving test. Another effective strategy to avoid harsh braking is to gaze far ahead of your car, this allows you to identify possible risks and react in time.


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In conclusion, the DMV Driving Test is an easy task if you put your effort into this exam. With all the provided information and tips in our DMV Driving Test Study Guide, we hope that you can pass the test successfully. If you are looking for a website to practice for your DMV exam, start now with our DMV Practice Test. We are available more than a thousand questions for you to score high on the actual test. Good luck!